Faculty and Student Quotes

“They have so much energy and are so excited about the events that it just makes my semester. We have some of the best math/science students in the world!” ~ P. Dueck SCC

“Being a part of Math-Science Field Day helps students have a better perspective of where they will fit in when they move on from high school. It also helps ground them by exposing them to other exceptional students.”  ~ E. Mills Coronado HS

“One of the biggest benefits to high school student who attend the event is the opportunity to be on a college campus. The exam portion of the event gives students the opportunity to take tests that are different than what they are used to taking,”  ~ P Clark SCC

“I like applying (math) to different experiments,” ~ Student Xavier College Prep

“My students enjoy meeting students from other schools and seeing how well they compare mathematically. For this year’s event, the team practiced during their math club and went over quiz bowl questions, but the students did not do anything special to prepare. These are the ‘math nerds’ – you don’t have to do much to inspire them, it’s already built in!”  ~ Katie Muha Highland HS

“One of the biggest benefits we receive from the event are the relationships we build with the high school faculty, we try to make it a day of learning and fun for them as well.”  ~ P. Dueck

“This project let me use trial and error to test whether the model actually worked. Normally in class it’s just pen and paper. You can’t look at it.”     ~ Student Chaparral HS

“We have a lot of fun watching high performing high school students participate in what we enjoy teaching, and they can compete in an area they enjoy against other high school students.”  ~ P Clark SCC

“Chaparral’s students were very creative in the project competition. The students knew their physics—they had taken a look at it and thought about it.” ~ P. Dueck