Evolutionary Dynamics Lab

John D. Nagy (Lab Director)

John D. Nagy (Lab Director)

Biography: I was born in Dearborn, Michigan and grew up partially in the Detroit area (Taylor and Livonia) and partly in central Ohio (Worthington, just north of Columbus).  Despite living in Ohio for nine years, I never learned to like cows.  In fact, I fled Ohio as soon as possible, going back to Michigan for college.  In 1986 I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biology with minors in conservation and literature from Eastern Michigan University and a Bachelor of  Science in Forestry from The University of Michigan.  (That’s not a mistake; both in the same year.)  After finishing my undergrad, I worked for a short time for The University of Michigan doing forestry research in the beautiful Upper Peninsula.  Later, after a bit of bouncing around involving academics, bartending and wooing my future and current wife, Bethel, I did some graduate work at the University of Toronto.  Tiring of walking down Spadina Ave. every day in the cold and wind, we moved to Arizona State University, where I earned my Ph.D. in Zoology, focusing on mathematical biology, in 1996.  Bethel earned her Ph.D. in Physical Anthropology at ASU in 2000.

In addition to science, I’ve always enjoyed music and athletics.  I ran track for EMU and U. of  M. and continued to run for a time after my undergraduate career but never made it to national recognition.  So, I decided to take that frustration out on other people and switched to ice hockey.  I must have been really frustrated because I still play whenever I can.  Musically, I play percussion for the Scottsdale Concert Band, SCC Musical Theater, La Forza Chamber Orchestra, Salt River Brass  and the occasional gig with “The Three Radicals,” a little group made up of three science professors–Steve Borick (chemistry) on guitar, Doug Sawyer (also chemistry) on Bass and me on drums.

Bethel and I entered the ranks of parenthood on August 16, 2005, with the birth of our daughter, Grace Marya.

Evolution of Dispersal

Pika Team

Student Research Associate: 
Sabrina Jones (ASU, SCC) Team leader

Student Research Apprentice: 
Elinor Sauer (ASU)

Easton White, UC Davis (PhD Candidate) 
Andrew Nemecek, University of Montana (MS Student) 
Lorida Llaci, Translational Genomics Institute (TGen)

Andrew T. Smith, ASU 
Easton White, UC Davis

Tribolium Team

Student Research Associates: 
Sarah Ung (SCC) 
Adam Hrbovsky (SCC) 
Michele Moreno (SCC)

Student Research Assistant: 
Kerry Calhoun (SCC)

Perry Olliver, ASU (Graduate, School of Molecular Sciences) 
Kody Holmes, U Nebraska, Lincoln (PhD Student)

Cancer Team

Emeritus Team Leader: 
Joe Juliano MD Student, Keck Medical School at University of Southern California

Team Leader: 
Scott Bickel (ASU) Angiogenesis project; ASU SOLUR program

Student Research Associates: 
Kirsten Karr (SCC) Cancer resource ecology project 
David Ung (SCC) Cancer resource ecology project

Malaria-HIV Team

Elyse Conley (ASU) HIV-Malaria Syndemic project 
Ryan Maziarz (ASU) HIV-Malaria Syndemic project 
Nicholas Roberts (ASU) HIV-Malaria Syndemic project