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Teaching Activities

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Sample MCAT Questions

Posted on  |  BIO-181, BIO-298, Undergrad advising

The primary goal of the course is to educate those who wish to establish professional lives in biological sciences and (or) medicine, not to assign grades.

SARS-CoV-2 and COVID 19 Resources

Posted on  |  BIO-181, BIO-298, Science News

At the time of this writing (April 2020), the world is experiencing the most significant pandemic in the last few decades, at least.

Prostate Cancer Models Index

Posted on  |  Cancer, Prostate Cancer Models

This page is an index of my prostate cancer modeling review project, the goal of which is to summarize as many published prostate cancer models as possible.

Life Sciences Symposium Abstract, Spring 2017

Posted on  |  Cancer, Dispersal, Pikas, Tribolium

population of American pikas (Ochotona princeps) inhabiting an anthropogenic landscape in the ghost mining town of Bodie, CA has historically been interpreted as a true metapopulation, where dispersal among patches of habitat plays a definitive role in its population dynamics.

Cassini Spacecraft Makes First Dive Below Rings of Saturn

Posted on  |  Space News

Last night (MST), a NASA spacecraft fell in orbit between the planet Saturn and its rings. It is the first time any human-made object has done so.

Is America Exceptional in Its Denial of Evolution?

Posted on  |  Evolution

In Biology circles one frequently hears that the United States is more anti-evolution than most other developed countries. Is it really true?

Falcon 9 Rocket Explodes on Way to International Space Station

Posted on  |  Space News

The United States' move to privatize its human spaceflight program suffered another setback yesterday (June 28).

Philosophy of Achievement

Posted on  |  BIO-298, Cancer, Dispersal, Malaria

Many paths lead to achievement. People regularly achieve greatness--as measured by wealth, influence and status--by the adroit use of self-promotion, its sibling, marketing, and the handmaiden to both, deceit.

Dawn on approach to Ceres using ion engine

Posted on  |  Space News

The Dawn mission to the asteroid belt (between Mars and Jupiter) is approaching its second target.

View of reentry from inside the Orion spacecraft

Posted on  |  Space News

Ever wonder what you would see if you stared out the window of a spacecraft reentering the Earth's atmosphere?