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Prostate Cancer Models Index

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This page is an index of my prostate cancer modeling review project, the goal of which is to summarize as many published prostate cancer models as possible.

Life Sciences Symposium Abstract, Spring 2017

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population of American pikas (Ochotona princeps) inhabiting an anthropogenic landscape in the ghost mining town of Bodie, CA has historically been interpreted as a true metapopulation, where dispersal among patches of habitat plays a definitive role in its population dynamics.

Philosophy of Achievement

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Many paths lead to achievement. People regularly achieve greatness--as measured by wealth, influence and status--by the adroit use of self-promotion, its sibling, marketing, and the handmaiden to both, deceit.

October aurora borealis in Lapland

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A huge sunspot traversed the face of the sun the previous two weeks (last 2 weeks of October, 2014).

Tactical vs. Strategic Modeling

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Theoreticians whose primary tools are mathematical models operate in such a bewildering variety of ways that someone attempting to summarize the programmatic approach to modeling--a textbook author, for example--is easily frustrated.

Do tumor vessels regress?

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Evidence exists, and has for decades, that neovessels regress in the absence of growth factor support, and in fact mature vessels can also regress.

We reject the curious ethical stance suggested by Praveen Chaddah in recent issue of Nature

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The July 10 issue of Nature contains an opinion piece by Praveen Chaddah I would like everyone in the lab to read [1]. (He is a physicist who directed the University Grants Commission of the Indian Department of Atomic Energy Consortium for Scientific Research).

Sabrina Jones and Andrew Nemecek Present Research Results at Wildlife Meetings, 2014

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Professor Russ Haughey and I took students from his wildlife program and my lab to the Joint Annual Meetings of the AZ/NM Wildlife and Fisheries Society Meetings in Pinetop, AZ recently (Feb. 6-8, 2014).

SCC Biology Research Program in the News

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A nice article about our research was recently published in the Scottsdale Republic (Friday, January 10, 2014).

SCC Biology Research Symposium, Fall 2013

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The Scottsdale Community College Department of Life Sciences held its semester symposium for fall 2013 on Thursday, December 5.